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This is a free to use service!
Furthermore I will not save your provided VINs on server side.

Service related suggestions or bug reports can be send by mail: info[at]trackmymustang[dot]com.
Please be aware that this software is still in a development state...

Why did I wrote this software?

I've ordered a Mustang GT and was quite excited to finally get the car.
Anticipation is a big part of the process of getting a Pony-Car, so I wanted to be able to track the status of the car.
Thats how it was born :)

How does it work after COTUS has been disabled?

This service uses an official Ford API to get the requested information based on the given VIN.
As long as the API is reachable this service should provide proper data.
Have fun with this tool. Greetings - Meik